Malefica on vacations

Malefica on vacations.png

E.V.E: Maleficient GW Horns @ LINDEN’s SL15B Shopping Event. Exclusive release during the even via Lucky Chair. To celebrate the 15th Anniversary,35% Off for E.V.E Group Members and 25% off for non-members.

PROMAGIC: Sway Set (monokini & flowers w/ hud RARE)

Alma: Sharp (eyeshadows) & Sweet (lipstick)

Tableau Vivant: Hairplay – Back Blow RARE pack 2

Peace at the mountain

Peace at the mountain.png

Little Branch: Potted plant, Snakeweed, Yellow Orchid Tree , and Moon Flower shrub – tree and shrub w/season hud –

NEWVHURCH: Ontario Lake house, Mallory Club chair, Varick side table, Eldridge Industrial fireplace, Thompson Industrial wine cart, Thompson Industrial cabinet, Zodio wale clock, Stella mid-century chair, Lancaster worktable & worklights, Lancaster desk, Lancaster return, Lancaster low stool, Small galvanized planter, Atom chandelier, Alpha Industrial bar stool & table